Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mai Tai time!

It's Thursday afternoon...I've been a bit distracted from the computer these last few days; hence the lack of updates on my blog!  It's rather nice outside (compared to earlier this week) ~ the gentle breeze has brought much-needed cooling...and, I'm digging it!

This is the time of week that I begin to think about >the weekend<! What will I/we be doing? I just looked out the dining room windows...and, oh, to get that stuff OFF of the driveway and either in the garage or over to Out of the Closet thrift shop. We found some great industrial shelving at Cost Co and let me tell you, the garage is looking great! What a difference! We actually can see where things are!

So, after we clean up that mess, Sunday brings Tiki Highway at Don the Beachcomber in Manhattan Beach. Another Tiki celebration, hosted by our friend, Holden Westland!

Holden is the owner of Tiki Farm, and creator of hundreds of different Tiki Mugs. Here's the link to Tiki Farm!

Yes, Tiki! That pop culture from the 50's!  You know, Hawaiian shirts, ukuleles, Mai Tais, pin-up girls,  the atomic music, the retro clothing...all that is Tiki is back bigger than ever! A true tropical genre that lends to an ongoing party atmosphere!

Even the Enchanted Tiki Room has undergone refurbishment, thanks to the Dole Company! This is the first audio animatronics attraction that Walt Disney created and introduced in Adventureland. A great technology that is found not only at all of the Disney theme parks, but venues world wide.

Shag, (Josh Agle), celebrates much of the Tiki world thru his paintings and drink ware. His work was commissioned for the 45th anniversary celebration of the Tiki Room and featured on everything from clothing, Tiki mugs, paintings and fun souvenirs.

There is even a convention celebrating all that is Tiki, called Tiki Oasis, that meets annually in August! Four days of music, drinks, swimming, drinks, burlesque entertainment, drinks, exclusive Tiki shopping, drinks, rum & chocolate seminars, drinks.....get the picture? This gig sells out every year!  Here is Charlie...Mai Tai in hand...from Tiki Oasis X last year.  

This is Crazy Al ~ a renowned Tiki carver and creator of amazing, one of a kind drink vessels! He often times can be found actually carving a stripped tree trunk into a life size Tiki at Tiki Oasis!

So, Sunday, we are off to another Tiki event...should be lots of fun....Mahalo!

Top illustration from Tiki Oasis; Tiki Room picture from Disneyland; Shag art illustration from Shag Mart. Photographs by the Scatterd Journalist.

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