Thursday, August 7, 2014

....A Week Later....

The house is too quiet ... the silence ~ deafening. I desperately want to hear the jingle of her tags as she shakes, stretches and rearranges the blanket on her bed in the night's darkness. I miss her calm, even snore as she settles back into a deep sleep.

The morning routine is anything but. Her eyes are no longer watching my every move....from the the shower...from the floor of the closet while I'm getting dressed. I walk down the stairs solo....there are no mighty paws at my heels.

I miss her sitting by the front door, patiently waiting for me to put on my shoes and grab the phone and lead. I miss her eager anticipation of walking out onto the porch to discover the tiny treats Dona has left for her.

Stealth dog is not laying where I can trip over her ... she's not here to snatch up the bits of food that have hit the floor while I cook. She no longer magically appears as I butter the raisin toast. She is not here to lend an ear when I want to confide in her....or, to give me juicy kisses....or, to paw my leg when she wants a treat. And, she isn't here to walk with me. Yep. It's too damn quiet.

The 'new normal' leg of my journey has begun  ...and it sucks.

I miss her so much. 

My Roxie Girl.

Roxie and I try a "Selfie"

Friday, August 1, 2014

You stole my heart, Roxie Girl...♥

Sometimes, they are only in our lives for a short time. 
For us, it was love at first sight.
We are so glad you came into ours dear, darling Roxie. 


                                                            She was my girl.

...I miss you, Roxie Girl.

Adopted April, 2012
February 1, 2001 ~ July 30, 2014