Tuesday, October 25, 2011

An Ode to Pete

It's the end of October now...we've had our vacation...and in the midst of the re-entry to work and the daily details of life, we had to let our darling Pete go.

He came home from 'camp' on Sunday...messy and tired ~ the normal m.o. after spending a week with Tom in Lancaster. He hung out with Pumpkin, the miniature pony, and the rest of the menagerie. He was glad to be home with us. That was the last day we heard him bark.

Monday, Pete slept most of the day on his large pillow bed in the living room. Tired but still quite focused on the kibble dish! Tuesday morning came and things went quickly down hill.

Pete joined us 12+ years ago after an abusive first year. We had adopted his sister, Annie, in 1998. Just a year later, we received a call saying that there was another dog looking for a home...did we want another dog?

Pete and Annie, reunited, became the dynamic duo. Quick to play and always looking for that opportunity of divert and conquer. We lost Annie in 2007. Pete rose to the occasion and was appropriately deemed our court Jester! Just a few french fries short of a Happy Meal, he made us laugh, he tugged at our heartstrings and loved us unconditionally.

We had no idea when we returned from vacation that our home was headed for the empty-nest classification.

Last Wednesday, after a long Tuesday that included no appetite (including kibble, treats, cooked chicken and frozen broccoli straight from the freezer) and continued vomiting, it was evident that we needed to let our Pete go. His spirit was oh, so strong. But, his body was finally giving into the 13 1/2 years of life.

It's been just a week ... and the void is beyond description. We miss him so much...our hearts hurt beyond belief.

But. We are so lucky that he was part of our family. Both he and Annie filled our lives with laughter and stories we will remember and share for years to come. 

So, to you, Pete...thank you for being all that you were to our family. We miss you desperately and yet, we know you are at peace...and probably running a-muck with Annie. We love you, Pete. You, too, Annie. Rest in Peace...dear pups. xoxo