Thursday, March 20, 2014

Charlie's 55th Birthday Celebration!

Here it is....March 21st (already)...
and I just can not wrap my head around how time is flying! 
I mean, really! Warp speed!
Charlie's 55th Birthday was last week. 
Our son, Whitney, came up to celebrate with us. 
What Charlie didn't know was that Stephanie
 (Whitney's BFF) was coming with him!

As planned, we poured drinks and then went straight to game time! 
I ran across a vintage copy of Password in the window seat...
and needless to say, it was such a blast!
Dinner included barbecued fish, steamed broccoli and organic rice. 
Charlie manned the bar-b-cue and Whitney handled the side dishes. Stephanie helped....
It's always a party when these two get together!!!
After dinner, it was time for chocolate cake! YUM! 
Then, of course, it was time for PRESENTS!
A vintage Tiki mug from Whitney & Stephanie.
A new Charlie Brown mug from Charlie's God Daughter, Mia.
And, a new hoodie/jacket with a tropical logo to wear 
to the Kon Tiki in April!
A great time was had by all! 
Happy Birthday, Charlie!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sometimes I hate Technology!

Dear Blog Followers....

Apparently, there seems to be a blog glitch and I have been unable to upload photos or updates.

Do know that I am still here...trying to figure out why suddenly I cannot post new posts to the Scattered Journalist. at 11.

~ peg