Tuesday, December 29, 2015

♫ ♪ Baby! It's Cold Outside! ♪ ♫ ♪

29 January 2015 ~ Just a few more days to go before we get to start over with a brand new year with no mistakes!

Mistakes, you ask?  Maybe 'mistakes' is not the right word. Maybe wrong choice or bad decision...? Miscalculation? Poor planning? How about dumb idea? Whatever the definition...I think we've all had a few, right?

Thanks to the drought, this little plant didn't have a chance.

Like, when we were preparing the mobile vegetable planter for spring planting and were introduced to a 'great' soil at a local nursery. Fast forward to summer ~ definitely not epic! Those tomatoes and zucchinis (or, were they cucumbers? I forget.) never had a chance. 

We've all had them... and rehashing them will not fix them. The trick is to learn from these mistakes and move forward. "Spilt milk!" my mom used to say.

It is currently 37 degrees right now.  It was freezing when I got up at 6:45. Yet...I am already thinking about our gardens...and planting the Juliet grape tomatoes! Mmmm! I can almost taste them! I hope to resurrect a portion of the lawn  (and, yes, with water conservation in mind), rework the surrounding planters and try to get some wonderful color and texture back into the gardenscape! Oo0o0oOo00! So many possibilities!  
There are many other projects on the to-do list (Charlie refers to it as the 'Honey Do List'). Yes...there are those things that I am not skilled or strong enough to do...so, I will recruit him for those tasks. Refinish the patio chairs, paint the planter, repair some screening on the windows...general annual maintenance. We really do enjoy working together. We will try new tactics, refresh the sad garden areas with new plants and, rearrange the garden art...and in the end, we will have a fresh new look! 

So, baby, while it's cold outside, we will be inside, sitting by the warm fire...with catalogs, magazines and the Sunset Garden Guide....dreaming and planning for a sunny spring!