Tuesday, July 12, 2011

the Garage

So, I'm wondering...when was the last time anyone parked a car IN the garage? I know we haven't since we've been here at the Outpost nearly 24 years now. The good news is that we are storing our 'stuff' here, rent free. But, it seems to me that sometime, during the wee hours of dark, that 'stuff' in the garage seems to morph. I mean, really...we have pulled that stuff out dozens of times...spent time organizing, reminiscing and repacking and schlepping it back into storage. Well, now we KNOW where things are...at the moment, anyway. But it doesn't seem like we're making any headway.

Why is it we can't part with stuff we haven't used in years? What about the bins (yes, bins) of Hallmark ornaments that never seem to see a tree come Christmas time? If it weren't for Rubbermaid, we'd be in a world of hurt...and a plethora of old, dilapidated cardboard boxes with mysterious treasures.  I'm the first one to admit there are those items that I will never part with.....like my Nancy Drew books. Valuable? Nope...just look at eBay.....peppered with offerings! Sentimental? You bet! My girlfriend, Tisa, and I read one a week. Back in the day, a new mystery cost 99 cents! Saturdays found us on our bikes, riding down to Unimart (now known as Target) in Alhambra. We'd each scoop up a new book and ride madly back to my house and drop off our books. Then, off to El Rancho market for lunch fixin's. Saturday lunch consisted of a double box of O'Boy frozen cheese pizzas and Diet Rite cola. We'd pop a pizza into the oven and run upstairs to the little porch off of my bedroom and dive into our books. The timer would ring and back down the stairs we'd fly! Pizza and soda in hand...we returned to the porch for an afternoon of Nancy Drew.

I ran across that box of books the other day. I had written a sappy message on the outside, declaring that no one had better sell or give away the contents of that box. My son later added a comment...which still makes me laugh.

I'm sure there are other priceless treasures I've yet to deal with...but nobody better mess with my Nancy Drews!


  1. I still have my whole collection of Nancy Drew books - wouldn't part with them. I also really miss El Rancho - a good sized store within walking distance of my house. Amanda

  2. I so feel your anguish! I haven't been able to park a car in the garage for years since giving this show. Don't even talk about the Nancy Drew books. Had that same message on the box and my Mom sold them. Yikes! I was so sad. Just loved spending time with Nancy. Love the blog Peg. xoxo Judy


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