Monday, October 5, 2015

30 Years Ago....

Thirty years ago, I married my best friend and soulmate.
And, we all say it..."Where has the time gone?" "Who are those people?!!"
Sometimes it seems just like yesterday...

Saturday, October 5, 1985
The girls from our Girl Scout troop were our bridesmaids;  my youngest sister, Betsy, was the maid of honor.
Charlie's brother, Keith, was the best man. His long time friends were the groomsmen.

We honeymooned in Yosemite.

In June, 1986, we welcomed our bundle of joy, Whitney.

And, then, the adventures of parenting began!

Lots of memories have been shared these last thirty years...

Summer 2015
Whitney, Peg & Charlie

Looking forward to sharing many more year with the love of my life.
Happy Anniversary, Charlie! Love you with all my heart!
October, 2014
Wrapping up another week in the place we call home every October.


  1. And the years seem to have been kind to you, because you are special people! Great photos. Thanks for sharing them. Keep on loving... and happy congrats for joy joy joy...

  2. WOW! What a super Blog for the occasion. May the celebration continue for a long, long time! Happy Anniversary! 🍷🍁🍂

  3. In case your wondering what those question marks in the squares are?
    You guessed it, fall leaves and a glass of wine! The special characters don't work on this app. LOL ~Cri


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