Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Christmas Earrings

One of my all-time, most cherished Christmas gifts I have received was from my son 22 years ago. He had gone with his 1st grade class to the church Christmas boutique. There, they had a special table for children to shop for inexpensive, homemade trinkets. 

He came home with a little box, tied up with green ribbon and gave it to me before Christmas. "You need these now!" he said. His anticipation was electric. I slowly opened the box, and inside were a pair of tiny jingle bell earrings. Each one had three bells ~ red, green and gold. I have worn those earrings every year since!

And, then, one year not too long ago, probably while taking off my jacket or scarf one day, I lost one of those earrings. I was heartbroken....it was like losing a diamond.

Thinking about the joy on my son's face as he gave me his gift those many years ago still warms my heart. That will always be one of the best gifts I have ever received!

Post Script ~
Last year, while reorganizing the bedroom, I found my missing earring behind the dresser! You can only imagine my delight in finding that little treasure! Merry Christmas! 

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