Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Are you ready?

It seems that is the question of the day these last couple of weeks. Ready? Well, let's see...
Here is our dining room table....Christmas in progress...still writing cards, making gift tags and wrapping surprises. The good news is that the out of town packages have been shipped!

We went to Nancy's Christmas Tree farm on Sunday and found this little cutie. The lights are on...but, that's as far as we have gotten...we need to pull the boxes of Christmas treasures from the garage and get this decked out!

There's still a lot of baking and candy making to be done. And, we have to keep moving...if we stand in one place too long, we stick to the floor! The sugars, like pixie dust, have gone everywhere! Peanut brittle, chocolate espresso bark, pumpkin bread and the ever popular shortbread...all in demand (and expected!) at this time of year!

Here are a few of our Christmas books. The Tall Book of Christmas is one of my favorites.

Still need to hang the stockings...as soon as I find them! The Christmas DVDs are on rerun rotation...can't get enough! Oh, and the music, too. Thank God for the iPod....it's all there at my finger tips!

Our Nativity is on the buffet, complete with tiny star glitter.

So, am I ready? Not yet. I am so enjoying the process, though! Things might look a bit naked and the dining room table is organized chaos. It won't be long before all will be finished and everything will be magical!

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