Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hello, Autumn!

With the arrival of Autumn came the new blush of roses...absolutely beautiful! I find it amazing that all it takes is a little water, some rose food and periodic deadheading to score such incredible blooms!  They looked great in the garden...and I just had to bring some inside to look at while I do the dishes and bake my cookies!

Once Autumn has arrived, the baking commences! And the minute I decide to bake, Indian Summer brings the triple-digit temperatures right back! Even in the heat, I turn on that oven! I love making Ginger Crisps! The recipe makes a boat-load of cookies (depending, of course, on the size of your cookie cutters) and can be frozen. This recipe is from my friend, Susan Branch. She has a website: and a blog! Do stop in for some wonderful inspiration and lots of recipes.  Here we are at her shop in Arroyo Grande...

The Autumn skies are spectacular! Deep blue with white, puffy clouds...the puffiest of all seasons!

O0o0ooOooo! I simply l♥ve Autumn!

When the leaves are turning crimson, deep orange and rusty green...this can only mean one's almost time for Halloween!

Several Halloweens ago, Martha Stewart offered a pattern for a life-size witch on her website. A free, 24 page pattern! So, I printed out the pattern and pieced the whole thing together with yards of Scotch tape. Charlie, the master craftsman here at the Outpost, traced and cut her out...and gave her a coat of paint. I put together the jar lantern and dug out an old broom from the garage. Our son, not to be outdone, stopped by on the way home from work and gave the witch his apron (thank you, Starbucks)!

This is my salute to my best friend and soul mate, Charlie.

...there's more to stay tuned!

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