Tuesday, August 16, 2011

25 Random Things

A couple of years ago, someone on Facebook 'tagged' me ~ and the assignment was to jot down 25 random things about me. I was amazed at how quickly this list came together...

1. I love rainy days.
2. While I have relaxed a bit, I still like a neat home.
3. I always wanted to be part of the 'in crowd' in Jr. & Sr. High.
4. Looking back, I now know I wasted way too much time worrying about not being in the 'in crowd'!
5. I loved working with Mr. Solari as a teacher's assistant.
6. I love dabbling in photography, creative writing, gardening and cooking.
7. Being over 50 does not make you a senior; you're just seasoned!
8. My favorite color is green, though I love all of the autumn colors.
9. I'm helplessly romantic.
10. I give better than I receive.
11. I like to be appreciated....and I hate cookie cutter compliments.
12. I sometimes miss the care-free days.
13. Give me the beach or the mountains anytime, but let our home be our home base.
14. There's nothing more enjoyable than sitting around the fire, under the stars, sharing a glass of wine with friends.
15. Shopping is not all its cracked up to be.
16. I am very proud of our son ~ he is amazing!
17. I love a good steak dinner but can be equally happy with tuna salad.
18. I have a hard time giving myself 'permission' to do fun things if there is laundry waiting to be done.
19. I need to stop being analytic when getting ready to have friends in. Everyone has dust bunnies.
20. One of my all-time favorite movies is "Hatari!" with John Wayne.
21. The movie Halloween H20 is about as scary as I can handle.
22. I hate menopause. Those power surges are the pitts.
23. I value every friend I have had and do have now. They are worth more to me than diamonds.
24. I don't regret much...the stuff I do regret are just lessons to learn from. I learn and move on.
25. My bucket list is so long, I may be here forever!

...and you know what? The list is the same today....how about that??!!!

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